How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

By | January 8, 2020

Diabetes is a curable disease. As a dietary disease, it demands a dietary treatment. The principles are outlined here.

19 thoughts on “How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

  1. Stop Feeling Old

    I have recommended your videos to a number of my customers. Your information is very impressive.

  2. butterfly butterfly

    Anyone that finds this video interesting and helpful should watch other videos by Dr. Fung. In other videos he explains why low fat diets are not the answer for good health. That a calorie is not just a calorie so it DOES matter whether you eat 100 calories of candy vs 100 calories of something like spinach…because fats, proteins, and sugars cause different chemical reactions in the body which makes your body do different things. Just watch more of his videos.

  3. Ubaldo Alvarez

    I just started OMAD three days ago. My blood sugar had dropped to normal levels during the day, but still a little bit high, 150, in the morning due to the dawn effect. I know it will get better. Today I wasn6as hungry as I was the first two days. Thank you Dr. Fung and Dr. Ken Berry, both front YouTube.

  4. Tim Yatcak

    LISTEN to this fellow. or buy his book…THIS WORKS and it is up to the patient to follow the steps.It has always bothered me in my practice that Type 2 diabetes is REVERSIBLE. and most patients are too lazy, or unfortunately uninformed, to do what it takes and have this silly "well it won't happen to ME," belief until they wind up with numb feet, kidney dysfunction and progressive blindness.


    That’s what Islam Ramadhan 30 days mandatory fasting , plus twice a week optional fasting.

  6. BeNiceYall

    The american doctors are financed by the Elites and BigPharma to push drugs/pills for profit, they treat symptoms not causes.

  7. Shella Mauri

    Diabetescure3weeks. com >Here is the fastest method to cure diabetes:

  8. Ewayu Bruno

    Thanks so much for the video,it has really been helpful.I have been struggling with diabetes for quite some time and was hoping to rely more on natural remedies to help me achieve my health goals in the new year not until a friend recommended the Halki Diabetes remedy saying it has really helped her diabetic husband.I read a review on the halki diabetes remedy on this website and was hoping you could kindly offer me a medical opinion on this remedy since you are a medical expert or perhapsyou could please do a video review on it sometime.I was hoping to purchase it to supplement on my medication.Should I buy the product or is it just noise people are making about how good the product is?

  9. AlMaslool

    This was a very insightful lecture. Helps us to look at diseases from a different perspective.

  10. Larry Moore

    I'm just going to keep on being diabetes so I can do this medical study. Then I'm gonna try incorporating these lifestyle changes.

  11. vaazhga valamudan

    taking medicine for diabetes is like cleaning the wet floor instead of fixing a leaking tap

  12. balasandar kalieannan

    Very good explanation…tq Dr.Fung god bless u always.

  13. Mario Sismar

    Dr.Fung is a people doctor/talented/brilliant human being because a very simple way to cure the type 1/2 diabetis with intermittent fasting method only.Can I ask for a guide book??

  14. Mom2BandC

    The true road to health begins with what we eat. Drugs are a bandaid, not a cure.


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